William Hong - Serious Deal, Serious Realtor!


Dear clients & prospects :   


My goal, as a realtor, is to build up a lifetime relationship with my clients by providing quality service you can trust. I know that every client is unique in one's own needs and expectations.


In order to provide quality service to every client, I must put myself in my client's shoes. It sounds easy but it is only possible when you have the true belief of this proposition in your heart, and actually put this belief into practice in your daily business activities. I believe every realtor who is working in the market surely has enough knowledge and ability to conduct real estate transaction services but not every realtor has this kind of belief or attitude in one's heart.


For the last 20 years, I have been engaged in the area of sales and marketing through my entire professional job career, and constantly have been selling something... ranging from semiconductor parts to advertising sales. I would be happy if I can share all my past experiences and knowledge with you, as your real estate agent, in dealing with your commercial and/or residential properties to maximize the result.


If you have any questions or inquiries regarding your real estate needs just call me and let me help you. Your satisfaction is my business!


Thank you!

William Hong, M.B.A.

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